What Is Improv?

Improvisation is a skill practiced by everyone, every single day- it's the practice of unplanned, spontaneous interaction with others.  As much as we would like to rehearse and practice our lines for critical moments, there's no script sitting on our desk each morning, outlining all the things we'll say and do throughout the day. Improv teaches you to think fast, risk speaking up, and effectively communicate.

I've headlined shows across the country, and have taught hundreds of students and professionals in the art and practice of improv. I currently teach and perform with EndGames Improv in San Francisco. I have woven my experience in Human Resources into the Corporate Improv Workshops I've designed for business for one of the most fun, entertaining team building experiences that will leave you and your team with skills to last lifetimes.


Business Improv Workshops for Leadership, Team Building, And Communication

Companies, organizations and universities are turning to improv exercises for interactive interpersonal skill building, leadership and teamwork. This is because it has been scientifically proven that improv is magic. I will provide an incredibly supportive and fun environment for your team through a series of playful exercises. Team members will learn the core communication foundations of improv, that include listening, awareness, communication,  and support. 


These 5 Business Improv Workshops Can Be Customized To Your Organization’s Needs:

  • Working as a Team
  • Listening
  • Support
  • Risk Taking
  • Storytelling

Your group will learn how to:

  • Promote Creative & Adaptive Problem Solving
  • Overcome Blocks to Creativity and Organizational Innovation
  • Foster Better Communication
  • Build Trust and Support in Teams
  • Accelerate and Improve Individual and Group Decision Making
  • Enhance Focus & Concentration
  • Manage Change More Effectively
  • Manage Conflict Expertly
  • Communicate More Effectively In Crisis

These workshops are each 1-3 hours in length, for as small as 10 participants and up to 100.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation to design the specific team building experience you'd like to create for your team.  


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